Students protest march against police school [Archives:2002/44/Local News]

October 28 2002

Hundreds of students staged a protest march Oct. 23 to the presidential palace in Sana’a.
The demonstration was to bring notice to the fact that they applied to police school, but were not accepted.
The demonstrators indicated that the there are large number of students were accepted because they have mediators, while other applicants, who have all the required conditions, were rejected. Athawra newspaper, published earlier that around 600 students were enrolled in the school, while they have no registration numbers. That confirms most of them did not have the admission test.
These students are to be trained for a one-year course in this school, on how to deal with foreigners on the Yemeni coasts, airports and important establishments.
They are to replace unqualified security forces in the Yemeni gates who have not dealt properly with foreigners and visitors to Yemen.