Study on revenge in Yemen [Archives:2004/774/Local News]

September 20 2004

Modern field studies have warned that the phenomenon of revenge forms a great concern in Yemeni society and has negative influences on security, stability, and social and economic development in the country.
The study, which has been conducted by a group of researchers at the Research and Information Center in Saba News Agency (RICSNA), stated that figures reported by the Ministry of Interior reveal a horrible rise in revenge crimes, adding that revenge fires claim 500 lives a year.
The study revealed last month a number of factors behind this issue, which include carrying weapons, traditions and tribalism. RICSNA has recommended utilizing the opinions and views of researchers and academics in enriching the study and shedding light on such phenomenon and its reasons, historical roots, social, legal and security domains as well as its negative consequences on development and construction.
Eight chapters are covered in the study and concentrate on the historical and religious domains of revenge, and its status in social values. Revenge impacts on the individual and family are taken into account, in addition to security and public views and judicial domains in tackling the issue of revenge considering it uncivilized behavior.
This study is also thought of as a significant reference about the revenge phenomenon in Yemen and its afore-mentioned domains. It opens the door for researchers and concerned figures to enrich their understanding of this issue with valuable studies, discussions and a full diagnosis of its reasons in order to terminate it.