Sudanese alliance demands action to release member [Archives:2004/714/Local News]

February 23 2004

The Sudan National Democratic Alliance-Yemen Branch has demanded the release of one of its members, Izzeddin Mahmoud, who is currently held in an immigration authority prison. The organization claimed that Izzeddin cannot be imprisoned as he enjoys the protection of the UNHCR and said that such action is unacceptable and violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
“We hold on to our legitimate rights and demand the human rights activities and countries involved with our case to stop such suspicious phenomena that has been repeated more than once and has once led to the killing of one of our members, Awadh Hassan.”
The alliance also called upon the government to carry out the necessary measures to protect the lives of the organization's members and also demanded the resolution of the cases of those Sudanese opposition members whose files are still pending at the UNHCR after their rights were allegedly violated while they were in Sudan.