Sudanese Opposition in Yemen Complains [Archives:2000/06/Local News]

February 7 2000

A number of Sudanese citizens living in Yemen called lately on the Yemen Times headquarters, complaining the measures taken against them by their embassy in Sana’a. They have said that their embassy has for many times summoned them for investigation and implied threats in addition chasing opposition elements and leaders of the Sudanese National Democratic Congregation in Yemen.
They added that these measures by their embassy were mainly aimed at some leftists and those whom it suspected to be communists, in an attempt to create non-confidence and cause schism among the Congregation groups. The embassy accuses all of them of having suspicious activities detriment to the Sudan, the Sudanese citizens added. These citizens have further said that their embassy has been instigating the Yemeni security force against them and some of them were imprisoned in Yemeni prisons for various periods of time under request from the embassy.
The Sudanese citizens living in Yemen are appealing for all humanitarian organizations, human rights and the High Commission for Refugees to protect them and grant them political asylum.