Sudan’s Information Minister: U.S. Congress has influence on UN decisions against Sudan [Archives:2005/845/Local News]

May 26 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Mr. Abdulbasit Saidrat, Sudanese Minister of Information and Telecommunications said there are some groups of rightwing Christians and Zionist lobbies in the United States who hate the current regime in Sudan for being a Muslim one, and accused Israel of standing behind all that happens in his country.

The Sudanese official confirmed in a press conference held last Monday at the Saba News Agency, that late UN decisions on Darfur are faulty, pouring oil on fire to make the situation more inflammable.

He mentioned seven decisions were issued on Darfur, three of which during a week time and that the Darfur issue was internationalized, and he blamed the U.S. Congress for having its influence upon UN decisions against his country.

Mr. Abdulbasit Saidirat pointed out that the Darfur issue is about to be tackled, stressing that his government dialogued with rebels who compelled Sudanese citizens to leave their homeland and paved the way for foreign organizations to enter Sudan. The issue of Darfur, an area with a population of 5 million Muslims, led to a flagrant violation by the Arab and international media.

With respect to the issue of South Sudan, the minister said the unity of north and south parts of Sudan should be achieved voluntarily and it is the right of citizens living in South Sudan, forming 6 out of 26 states, to determine their fate.

Mr. Abdulbasit Saidirat noted an agreement was reached in Kenya to set the temporary constitution to be valid for 6 years, and two of the most important issues “state and religion and fate determination” were solved, pointing out the agreement reached with the Popular Movement in the south of Sudan on Jan. 9 put an end to the civil war.

Regarding the Yemeni-Sudanese relationships, he said the two countries enjoy strong ties in different areas.

Talking about Sana'a Congregation that includes Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia. He confirmed that such congregation aims to enhance the trade and economic profits among the three countries.