Suicide cases terribly increase in Taiz [Archives:2005/847/Local News]

June 2 2005

Taiz- A married lady named Maymona Hassan Sa'eed Bamahboub, 25, committed suicide and lost her life on Wednesday last week.

On the same day, Nashwan Abdullah al-Mekhlafi, Maymona's age, committed suicide by shooting himself dead by his pistol.

On Saturday May 28, a schoolgirl named Abeer Mohammad Sha'ef, 15, hung herself to death over a domestic quarrel with her parents. The victim was then rushed away to a hospital in the neighborhood where she died.

A fourth suicide operation took place in al-Kamb Zone May 30 when Fa'ez al-Turki, aged 38, shot himself dead using his personal pistol inside his house.

Suicide operations taking place in Taiz numbered 4 over one week.