Suicide in Yemen studied by WJCO [Archives:2006/962/Local News]

July 10 2006

SANA'A, July 9 ) Women Journalists with no Constraints Organization (WJCO) said that it has been following with deep concern the increase in suicide cases in Yemen, particularly among women. The organization was stunned at the number of suicide cases for the last week, as declared by Al-Sahwa net, where 5 girls committed suicide in Hodeidah and another one in Hajah in just one month. WJCO fears that this situation may turn into a phenomenon which reaps souls and destroys families throughout Yemen.

In a statement distributed last week, WJCO called upon all human rights organizations and state institutions to take a stand against the psychological, financial, social and religious deterioration which leads to an increase in suicide cases. The situation of woman will be considered in this study.

Via field study in the Yemeni government, WJCO has announced that it has begun to study this phenomenon in Yemen, focusing on both the initial causes and possible solutions. The study will lead up to a final symposium dedicated to the issue and a recorded film on suicide in Yemen.