Suiciding man kills his wife [Archives:2004/762/Local News]

August 9 2004

A hideous crime was committed Wednesday August 4, in Wadi Alariq, a suburb northeast of Taiz, when a man detonated a hand grenade immediately killing him and his wife and wounding four Taiz policemen.
The man was on the police wanted list for killing another man from that area one year ago for which he had escaped arrest. However, he was recently reported to be present in the Wadi Al-Ariq area and an obligatory arrest warrant was issued by the Attorney General to bring him before court.
After having arrived in the area to arrest him the Police besieged his home, but he contrived to dress in a woman's gown and sneak out with his wife, but, with the policemen tried to catch him, he detonated the grenade that killed him and his wife, and injured four policemen, two of them seriously.