Sultan al-Atwani, NUO Secretary-General [Archives:2005/822/Local News]

March 7 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
The central committee of Nasserite Unionist Organization (NUO) elected this week the MP Sultan al-Atwani, 55, a secretary general for the party, succeeding Abdulamalik al-Mikhlafi.

Al-Atwani obtained an overwhelming majority of votes in a secret ballot by the central committee members while Ali al-Yazid was elected deputy secretary general and Mohammad al-Rada'ai and Hamid Asem secretary general assistants.

It is worth noting that around 70 percent of the general secretariat members are new faces and this reflects the great change, which is the first of its kind in Yemeni political life.

The Nasserite Unionist Organization commenced the functions of its tenth conference ten days ago and was attended by a number of party leaders and Arab and Yemeni diplomats including Mohammad al-Douri, former Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations.