Summer Exhibition and Electrix Festival to be staged at Expo Sana’a [Archives:2005/864/Local News]

August 1 2005

SANA'A- As part of its annual exhibitions and festivals organized by Expo Company for International Exhibitions, arrangements have been made for staging the Summer Exhibition and the Electrex Festival. The event is to involve wings from Iran, Egypt, Syria and China, in addition to other world companies in the field of electricity, electronic devices and housing furniture.

Omar al-Nihmi, Apollo Marketing Officer said the exhibition is staged every year within the summer activities to meet all the needs of the consumer.

He added participants compete during the exhibition to offer the best commodities and services for the Yemeni consumer. The exhibition covers three wards of Iranian, Egyptian, Yemeni and Chinese products; the ward of clothes and furniture, the ward of electricity and electronic devices, and the ward of Child First Festival.

The exhibition will involve a number of societies at the capital city of Sana'a showing handicrafts and other articles, in addition to the entertainment program for children and families, planned to be displayed during the exhibition.