Sunni Scholars in Yemen call on Muslims for reacting to Iraqi crisesCall for action [Archives:2003/656/Community]

August 4 2003

Sunni scholars and sheikhs of Yemen issued a statement last week signed by 93 scholars calling on Muslims to react to the crises taking place in Iraq.
The call was addressed to both peoples and leaders and condemned American occupation of Iraq where they said: “It is our responsibility to support our brothers in Iraq and Palestine and to help them according to Islamic Share'a as much as we can” describing the war against Iraq as a cruciferous Zionist war against all Islamic states.
The declaration beckons Arabs to unity and defense of Islam and Islamic sanctities and not be engaged in useless political parties and useless disputes. And it also warns against ignorant support for Islam in a fanatic way and in an emotional illogical way. At the same time it condemned the terrorist acts of assassinations and other extremist acts terming them as “non-Islamic”.
The declaration which was published by the Salafi sect contained indications and hints to the threats and assaults they receive from within the sect due to the division and disputes since the death of founder sheikh Muqbil al-Wadie, and requested unity in stances against external threats and dangers targeting Islam.