Support requested for female candidates [Archives:2003/632/Local News]

April 21 2003

TAIZ- In a symposium held in Taiz on April 13, various political parties and NGOs called upon the public to support and encourage female candidates by voting for them in the upcoming elections on April 27.
The call was voiced during the symposium organized by the Taiz-based Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung on the need to enable women to participate more effectively in the political arena in Yemen. Representatives of various political parties participating in the event expressed disappointment at the evident lack of adequate support for the female candidates to participate in the upcoming elections.
Mr. Ezz Addeen al-Asbahi, HRITC Director told the Yemen Times that the symposium comes within the framework of supporting women in political participation.
“The symposium is an integral program in a series of other activities including the holding of workshops for female candidates, organizing an intellectual symposium, printing different publications such as a women-related magazines and posters calling upon the public to support female candidates during the upcoming elections.”