Supported by IIAEYTS discusses educational problems [Archives:2005/863/Local News]

July 28 2005

Sana'a- July 25- The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate (YTS) conducted a week's session 25/7-1/8/2005, on the educational problems.

Mahdi Al-Harazi, media official in the syndicate revealed that the sessions are devoted to discussing three educational problems: the weak learning abilities, the teachers' weak performance and the low prestige of teachers in the community

These are factual problems that need to be addressed. Their reasons and impacts will be tackled to reach at a remedy plan. This will be in cooperation with the International Islamic Authority for Education (IIAE) an affiliate of the Muslim World league.

The media official continued to say that, several education officials from the governorates will participate in the discussion of these problems. Sixty of The general department from the Ministry of Education will also join in these discussions. These discussions will be evaluated by academics from Yemeni universities and specialists in the IIAE.

The last session, on 31/7and 1/8/2005 will be devoted to setting plans for handling these problems, within three years' time. The final results will be submitted to the concerned authorities to make use of.

The media official summed up by saying that this effort comes from the Yemeni teachers Syndicate as contribution to diagnose the educational problems and to find the appropriate solutions for them. The Syndicate conducts such forums to fulfill the aims for which it is formed.

It is worth saying that the discussion sessions have been so far attended by Dr. Hassan Bin Ali Al-Hajaji deputy chairman for educational, economic and administrative affairs, Dr. Abdulrazig Bin Ahmed Dhafr Member of the board of the authority secretariat, Mr. Muhsin Bin Ahamed Ba-abdulah deputy secretary for resources and information and Mr. Rizgullah Bin Gasim Al-Ahmadi, Manager of administration and financial affairs.