Supported by Swedish organizationComprehensive education definition course [Archives:2005/882/Local News]

October 3 2005

ADEN- Sept. 17 – The Educational office in Aden, the Swedish organization for protection of children and the social society for qualification of persons with special needs, organized a three-day course on Saturday. Social workers and 28 participants from ten governorates joined this course.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Nahari, General Manager of the Educational office in Aden Governorate, said that the participants should make use of the course by applying its concepts on the disabled ones in their schools, in order to merge them into their community. He confirmed that Yemen have signed the International treaty on children rights and issued the 1990 legislation that gives the disabled their rights to be fused in the community.

The course will work as connecter between the social worker, the disabled, the school and the family. A comprehensive intellectual awareness that defines education is needed for maintenance of the disabler's rights.

The course is held to cover the needs of the 46 comprehensive schools that have a serious shortage in social workers.

A regional workshop will explain the aims of the comprehensive education, the curriculums and the educational aid that the disabled needs.