Suqotra protection project continues [Archives:2004/793/Local News]

November 25 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
The work is currently going on in executing the second phase of Suqotra Archipelago protection and development project which work was kicked off in Dec. 2003.
The value of the project expected to be achieved in 2008, and in II phases is US$10 million, as mentioned in the report of the General Corporation for Protecting the Environment, Preserving & Developing Suqotra Archipelago.
That $10 million is financed by the Italian Government and the UNDP Project whereas the number of the land and marine protectorates included in the project as per the Republican Decree No.(275) is 39 protectorates besides the national recreation grounds, the utilization of the resources for traditional usefulness, and the general utility for constructing services facilities.
According to a report distributed by Saba' News Agency on Nov. 17, Suqotra Island as an international tourism investment area, is favored by a number of development projects and the building of the infrastructure for the tourism investment such as an international airport.
There are also projects of connecting the protectorates and the island areas by a ring road, (Moori Deksum), besides the social development, water & electricity, health projects etc.
The land and marine of Suqotra Island's protectorates are distinguished by rare natural essential variety in the world from the point of marine lives and birds, fish fodders, and the lot of Olibanum trees and its assortments, Dragon trees, Suqotrian cucumber, and the rare coral reefs and the marine sponges in addition to its being a home to the rocky lobsters.