Surgery cures quadriplegic at Saudi German Hospital [Archives:2006/957/Local News]

June 22 2006

SANA'A, June 21 ) A medical team at the Saudi German Hospital (SGH) in Sana'a operated on a 60 year old patient to remove a spinal cord tumor on June 16. The operation was the first of its type performed in Yemen.

According to hospital, the patient had been suffering from quadriplegia, partial or complete paralysis from the neck down, for the past nine months because of the tumor. Although the patient had visited many hospitals and underwent many medical tests, other medical centers were unable to diagnosis her disease.

Her visit to the hospital coincided with a visit by the director of orthopedics and the trauma center and the vice president of Saudi German Hospital Group, Professor Khalid Patterjee.

Patterjee said that “after making several CAT and MRI scans, it was found that she [the patient] had a spinal cord tumor. Through the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment [available], the medical team was able to determine the shape, the type, and the size of the tumor.”

The medical team)Professor Khalid Patterjee, Dr. Essam Emara, and Dr. Abdel Azeem Abdel Azeem) decided to intervene through an operation to remove the tumor.

“The tumor was removed through a microscopic intervention and the patient's health improved he left the intensive care unit and she started to move her four limbs ow she [is] following an intensive physiotherapy treatment for rehabilitation of her limbs,” said Patterijee.