Survey on disabled children in Aden [Archives:2004/768/Local News]

August 30 2004

The Handicapped Training and Integration Society, in July 2004, finished a survey conducted in Al-Twahi district in the Aden governate. Yasin Abdulwadod, director of the society, said that about 2,400 families have been surveyed. “We recorded some 400 cases, with different kinds of disabilities and belonging to different age categories.' He added, “The number of disabled children below the age of 18 totaled 170. The survey form includes information about the population in the area, age categories, social and economic background details as well as a special abilities section in the special needs category, and recommended training programs.”
Last year the society surveyed 1,205 families in the Sheikh Ishaq area in Al-Mu'ala district, and found 469 disabled, among whom were 187 below the age of 18. The society tries to identify the needs and requirements of disabled children.