Suspect murdered in dock at Sana’a Court [Archives:2005/836/Front Page]

April 25 2005

SANA'A- April 20- Yemen Times- suspect Nabeel Dabwan al-Mekhlafi was murdered on Wednesday inside the dock at the West Capital Court located neat the ministry of justice meanwhile the court closed its doors in protest of the incident.

The suspect, al-Mekhlafi has been prosecuted for two years for murdering Majed Ali al-Jaradi over quarrels between their families.

Mohammad Ali al-Jaradi, brother of the murdered, entered the court with a pistol in his pocket before holding the sitting on the murder case of his brother.

Eyewitnesses told the Yemen Times that Mohammad al-Jaradi, who is from the District of Haraz, Sana'a, approached the dock where suspect Nabeel al-Mekhlafi was standing, shot him dead and wounded another suspect.

Eyewitnesses said that Mohammad Ali al-Jaradi gave himself in without any resistance, but showed self-satisfaction.

The security apparatuses are still investigating how the murderer was able to enter the court with his personal weapon.

Children of the two families, who live in al-Sonaina Zone to the west of the capital, quarreled with each other two years ago, leading to the murder of Majed Ali al-Jaradi by Nabeel al-Mekhlafi, who was killed recently at the court.

Nabeel al-Mekhlafi claimed to the court that his killing of Majed al-Jaradi was self-defense. This led Mohammad al-Jaradi, brother of the victim, to put an end to the life of murderer before being executed by the court.

A great number of al-Mekhlafi's relatives gathered before the general prosecution immediately after the tragic incident, claiming that Mohammad al-Jaradi be referred to the court of urgent cases.

Regarding the incident, some lawyers stated that it is a violation and humiliation against the judiciary and the security apparatuses, which are required to take all the necessary procedures for protecting citizens.

They expressed their concern of what has been so far practiced by courts in terms of prolonging case procedures, leading people to commit violations against the law and the constitution.