Suspected al-Qaeda links Syrian security arrest four Yemeni students [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

Because of suspicion of having a link with al-Qaeda organization, Syria security authorities arrested last December four Yemeni students and prevented them from having their exams in Syrian University.
The relatives of four students who could not communicate with them for a while for they do not know their place, called the officials in the Yemeni Interior Ministry to interfere and find out their place.
According to AL-Uma newspaper issue Feb. 6, Yemeni Ministry of Interior has asked the Syrian government for a quick explanation for disappearing of the four students who study in Syria but the Syrian authorities has not given any in spite of the security treaty that has been signed between the two countries during the visit of the Yemeni Prime Minister Bajamal last month.
It is worthy to mention that the Yemeni students in many countries especially in Germany, United States, Syria and Jordan have been exposing for investigation and arrest charging them of suspicion to have a link to al-Qaeda organization.