Suspected Bombers of British Embassy Stand Trial [Archives:2001/25/Front Page]

June 18 2001

The second hearing session for the suspected bombers of the British Embassy was held today in the Special Preliminary Court. The first hearing session was held on June 11 and was attended by three of the four accused: Abo Bakr Saeed Ahmad, 38, Ahmad Masood Ali, 23, Salam Salem, 30. The fourth accused named Fares Saleh Taher, 19, was still being interrogated in Aden.
In its first session, the court heard the charge sheet framed by Mr. Mansoor al-Hashidi, chairman of the Summary Jurisdiction Prosecution. He accused the first and the second suspects of throwing a blue bag full of two TNT time bombs and smoke bombs onto the grounds of the embassy at 5 o’clock on Friday, October 13 last year. The third and the fourth were accused of protecting the assailants. The charge sheet also accused the suspects of possessing unlicensed explosives. The representative of the prosecution demanded the confiscation of cars and weapons seized from them, in accordance with the Islamic Shariah.
The chairman of the court ordered the prosecution to produce the fourth suspect in the case who is currently being interrogated in Aden. After listening to the charges, the first and second accused admitted the charges of bombing the Embassy while the third one denied them.
It is worth mentioning that the bombing incident happened two days following the bombing of the USS Destroyer Cole in Aden port on October 12 last year.