Sweeping Away the President’s Cronies [Archives:2001/16/Focus]

April 16 2001

Silver Lining
Mohammed Hatem Al-Qadhi
[email protected]
I do not have any doubt right now that President Ali Abdullah Saleh is serious about change and reform of the governmental fabric at this particular time in the history of Yemen. He got this zest a long time ago. But, the cronies around him and at the power center have been reluctant to any initiative made by the president. These people used to work hard to let the president be in isolation, giving him a very good and bright image of the status quo and the living conditions of his people. These cronies also created problems for him with all luminaries and supporters of change and power of law and order. In this way, they have been creating enemies for him. However, in the last few years, the president has not been dependent on his cronies to report to him what is happening in the street. The president has opened his own new channels of communication with all enlightened and illuminated people. He can speak with these people on the phone without any reluctance, sharing with them opinions and views. In other words, he listens wisely and with an open mind and peeled eyes to others’ opinions and on this basis, he can make decisions. These people who were at odds with the president have come to know him well. They could also realize that it is president’s fellow men and cronies who make enemies for him, keeping him away from educated and vibrant young people who are full of life to help their society.
In fact, the president has recently called for opening the way to young people to take over power and be at the decision-making core. This heralds a good omen. The real and influential change should start with these cronies in authority who are still obsessed with a tribal and medieval-age mentality. These crooked and corrupt guys should be swept away and replaced by good qualified people with honesty and zest to make Yemen a better place. These hidden rotten apples are of no use to the president. In this digital era, the president needs more qualified people who can help him run the country, leading it towards prosperity
However, I believe that the president can not get rid of them all at once. The process should go step by step. This is because they have become a heavy burden on the president and so it becomes very difficult to sweep them away. But, once he starts, he can do it, can’t he?