Symposium establishes HRITC’s democratic priorities [Archives:2006/1003/Local News]

November 30 2006

AMMAN, Nov. 28 ) The Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC), in collaboration with Al-Adalla Center for Human Rights and under the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative, organized a symposium on civil society's role in making democratic changes.

During the symposium, Al-Adalla Center presented a paper dealing with civil society's role in the current situation. Participants also discussed the results of field surveys conducted by Gamal Al-Khateeb and Lina Al-Noubani to specify social and democratic priorities in Jordan.

According to the symposium's outcomes, legal reforms regarding civil society and guaranteeing general freedoms topped the priorities.

HRITC is responsible for enhancing democratic dialogue between civil society organization representatives and official institutions and parliaments in the Arab region.

Having initiated the dialogue in Yemen, then Bahrain and now in Jordan, the Democratic Dialogue Center aims to submit a report to Future Forum at the end of this month about the progress of democratic dialogue.

Yemen, Italy and Turkey led the Democratic Dialogue Enhancing Program. Yemen also is in charge of freedom of expression and media independence.