Symposium on applying the Financial & Administrative Decentralization [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

Abdu Rabu Mansur vice-President of the republic inaugurated the scientific symposium held for the governors, general directors and the general secretaries of the districts. The symposium was organized by the Ministry of Local Administration and has tackled the general basis for applying the decentralized system of governance, the trends of decentralization and its relation with the other executive departments.
This is considered to be the first phase of the training plan and the second phase will follow in September 200. Over than 2231 representatives have been trained at 17 training centers at the first phase in which 65 training courses have been implemented for the holders of scientific degree on issues related to the role of the local authorities under the decentralization system of governance, planning for the local council and the leaderships managerial skills.
The symposium aims at developing the managerial and financial skills of the senior managerial staff at the Ministry of Local Administration for assuming the supervision of the local administration efficiently.
A number of university professors specialized in local have taken part in delivering the lectures. On the other hand, the Cabinet has held a meeting with the capital mayor and the governors in which a number of decisions have been taken such as allocating the amount of 130000 million for the governorate and the amount of 25000 million as a minimum amount for the districts.