Symposium on bank marketing [Archives:2003/627/Local News]

March 17 2003

Yasser al-Mayasi
Yemen Times Staff

Organized by the Arab Bank Federation and the Yemeni Banks Association, a symposium on the practical applications of bank marketing in Yemen was successfully concluded on Wednesday March 12, 2003 in Sana'a.
Seventeen banks took part in the symposium.
The event basically aimed at introducing and explaining the new technologies concerning online and bank marketing and how to use technologically advanced electronic services in the Arab world in general and the Yemeni banks in particular to promote banking services. A great emphasis has been put on internet banks, mobile banking, tele-banking and other electronic banking services in Yemen.
The Secretary General of the Arab Banks Federation, Fuad Shakir said that the banking potentials in Yemen is relatively high and that there is interest by the federation's board of directors in assisting Yemeni banks to cope with the global modern technological revolution in banking taking place all over the world today.
He added that progress and development in Yemeni banks is likely to be significant due to the demand by consumers in the Yemeni market.