Symposium on economic press in Yemen [Archives:2004/712/Local News]

February 16 2004

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Minister of information Hussein Dhaifula al-Awadhi and Aden governor Yahya al-Shuaibi on Saturday opened at Aden Hotel a symposium on the economic press in Yemen, organised by the Institute for Information Training and Qualification in cooperation with 14 October Establishment for Press, Printing and Publication.
Taking part in the symposium were 30 of economic, media and academic cadres.
The participants discussed seven working papers on topics related to the present situation of economic press, the relationship of the private sector and economic press, the extent of economic press spread and effect and economic press in the Yemeni trade and economic capital.
The holding of this first such symposium comes within the frame of the country's activities on the occasion of declaring Sana'a capital of Arab culture 2004.
At the opening session the minister of information expressed his happiness for taking part in the symposium, stressing the importance of the event especially as it tackled the topic of economic activity.
He pointed to the development in information technology and its reflection on development of economic press, indicating that information in Yemen has become free and that there was no objection against criticizing the government, provided it should be constructive and objective.
The minister said while he was in Aden he would meet Aden media men and acquaint himself with their problems and conditions.
Other speakers at the symposium were the governor deputy Abdulkareem al-Shaif and chairman of the board of directors of 14 October Establishment Ibrahim al-Kaaf who expressed the extent of importance of increasing the press activity in the economic field.