Symposium on juvenile delinquents [Archives:2003/642/Local News]

June 19 2003

Women Forum For Research and Training and Juvenile delinquents Rehabilitation Association in addition to Aden University are holding a symposium entitled 'Juvenile ..the Present and Ambition' at Aden University for the period 22 – 23 June 2003. In the symposium , papers on Juvenile and street children issues are scheduled to be discussed.
Chairwoman of the WFRT, Ms Soad al Gadasi told YT that ' the symposium will come within the street children program held by WFRT'. It is worth mentioning that WFRT has held many national meetings, participated in many international conferences regarding juvenile , and published a book on ''street children'' in Yemen . Soad added ,' We think that the right society is the one which cares about all its classes and segments among whom are children – street children , beggars and juvenile delinquents who may become criminals if not included in full development programs.