Symposium on social & medical insurance [Archives:2004/782/Local News]

October 18 2004

Taiz Bureau
The activities of the consultant symposium on the project for reforming the medical sector started on Tuesday October 16th at the Medical Institute in Taiz. The project that is financed by the European Missioner aims to improve the medical conditions in the some districts of Taiz and to also discuss the results of preliminary studies of the projects during the past period in al-Shamaiateen district.
The symposium was attended by Judge Ahmed Abdullah al-Hagri, Governor of Taiz, who delivered a speech saying that all the executive offices and local authorities in Taiz are ready to be involved in the social medical insurance to let the citizens benefit from these successful projects. The governor directed the medical office to activate all medical units in districts, and provide them with the medical cadre and equipment calling on the private sector to continue investing in this field.