Symposium on Unification [Archives:2000/20/Local News]

May 15 2000

On 10th of May a 2-day symposium on the Yemeni unification sponsored by the Yemeni Centre for Strategic Studies was concluded. The seminar discussed six working papers presented by some of the participants. The first paper was by Mohammad Hussein Al-Farah on,” Yemeni Unity Throughout History”, the second paper entitled,” Unity and Democracy”,the third, ” War of Confronting the Secession ” by Dr. Abu Bakr Al- Kirbi, the fourth ” The Regional Significance of Yemeni Unity” by Dr. Khadija Al-Haisami,the fifth by Dr. Taha Al- Faseel , ” Yemen’s Economy in Ten Years” and ”The Institutional Structure of Unity State”by Abdullah Ahmad Ghanim minister of the legal affairs.
Discussions were held by a number of researchers of the topics presented in the symposium and it is scheduled that the proceedings would be compiled in a book.