Symposium on women in politics [Archives:2003/681/Local News]

October 30 2003

Taiz, Oct. 28- Organized by the Human Rights Information and Training Center, HRITC, a symposium on woman’s political participation was held in Taiz at HRITC headquarters.
The symposium focused on woman’s political participation during the 27 April elections, as well as hindrances that blocked women candidates by the election administration.
“Interest that is taken towards woman’s issues and that the political process shouldn’t be restricted only to election periods.
Because woman’s issues are the issues of the society, which is in need of support outside of pressures and temporary conditions,” the HRITC director, Ezz Addin al-Asbahi remarked.
Al-Asbahi further said that woman’s political participation should be assessed not only during parliamentary elections, but also in all her political spheres as a whole.
The symposium was attended by prominent women who have played an active participation in the political arena such as Mesq al-Junaid, Dr. Fouzia Hassoona and Kareema Murshed.
A comprehensive program on training women candidates as well as holding political symposiums on woman’s political participation was organized by the HRITC in cooperation with Norwegian Embassy earlier this year.