Symposium on women’s rights in Islam [Archives:2004/764/Local News]

August 16 2004

Within the framework of Women's Rights program activities performed by WFRT since early January until the end of October, 2004, the Forum holds its first seminar in Sana'a on Monday 16th August and Tuesday 17th August 2004 at Haddah Hotel hall at 8.00 a.m. in which the following will be discussed:
Firstly, the connotation and philosophy of social justice and the impact of its non-existence on women rights. Social justice means not only justice and the making of law and its procedures but also the efforts which must be made to facilitate and secure the individual's practice and for obtaining all the rights and freedoms for both the male and female genders, especially, in developmental plans. Secondly, about closing the discretion clause and its impact on women's rights. Thirdly, discussing the evidences which are favored by some, to use for depriving women's rights and abandoning their roles within the community with a contradicting description according to Islam's vision that comprises justice in individuals' relations with each other and their relations with society. And the topic of most significance in the symposium is the of violence against women, especially, domestic violence, being the most violent type practiced against women, and the technique of fighting it factually. Doctors, professors, researchers and those interested will participate in discussing these themes.