Symposium on,Pesticides law & agricultural quarantine [Archives:2005/842/Business & Economy]

May 16 2005

Participants in a symposium on “Reality of plant protection in Yemen and future strategies” called at the conclusion of their meetings lately on the ministry of agriculture to amend and activate the law of pesticides and agricultural quarantine, and to activate the work of the committee for registering pesticides. The participants also called on the ministry to work for finalizing the building and supplying of plant and agricultural products quarantine stations at customs areas and posts in order to guarantee curbing of dangers resulting from influx of plants and agricultural products into Yemen.

Recommendations of the symposium have urged the agriculture ministry to work towards building a center for breeding and reproduction of anti-biotic agents used in fighting plant epidemics as well as establishment of the Yemeni society for preservation of plants and preparation for holding a similar symposium every two years. The symposium also called on the ministry and research centers at the agriculture faculties to adopt the integrated administration of plant epidemics and to introduce a special curriculum on plant quarantine to be taught among various text subjects to students of agriculture faculties at Yemeni Universities.

The three-day symposium organized by the ministry of agriculture in collaboration with Sana'a University and participation of a number of experts in botany, discussed 50 working papers dealing with reality and problems of plants and the future vision of tackling problems the agriculture sector suffers, as well asa a diagnosis of the current situation of plant epidemics and their damages caused to economic crops. The aim was to draw up a clear vision on the condition of pesticides on the local market and the degree of their effectiveness. The aim was also to come out with an active national strategy to be adopted and to rationalize the use of pesticides and to guarantee coordination and integration with all academic and relevant research sides to guarantee application of the set up policies properly.

The participants in the symposium have also asked the ministry of agriculture to carry out an intensive program conducting a nationwide survey of plant epidemics in coordination with the public authority of plant protection and departments of the same specialty at agriculture faculties of Yemeni universities as well as the general authority for agricultural research.