Symposium seeks women’s political empowerment [Archives:2006/955/Local News]

June 15 2006

A symposium, under the theme of 'Politically Enabling Woman: A Necessary Step toward Political Reform' was held with 36 participants attending from the government, the private sector, and Aden University. The General Administration of Activities at Aden University in collaboration with the Human Rights and Democracy Center and the University Students' Union organized the function.

The symposium emphasized the importance of the role of women in the electoral process – including registration, voting, and nomination. It stressed the significance of helping women fill decision-making posts in government and increasing their presence on elected councils.

Additionally, the symposium called for spreading awareness among women regarding the need to vote in order to bring attention to their needs and be better able to lobby for issues of concern at the highest levels.

Participants a the event suggested that the attainment of equal citizenship and the end of discrimination against woman, will only be realized when leading figures among women and society in general support women who have been nominated. In this way, women will increasingly been seen as being able to play an acting role in the process of achieving development.

The symposium addressed the limited political participation of women, explaining it away as due to habit, tradition, and culture.