Symposium to discuss Yemen’s GCC entry [Archives:2006/987/Local News]

October 5 2006

SANA'A, Oct. 4 ) In cooperation with Yemeni Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center will hold a symposium on Nov. 8 – 9 to establish the mechanisms required for Yemen's admission to Gulf Cooperation Council.

The event is scheduled to take place in Dubai in the presence of senior officials from Gulf council and Yemen plus researchers and specialized experts in foreign affairs.

“The main objective of the symposium is to manifest the importance of historic and cultural relations between Yemen and GCC member states and discuss strategic, security and political issues and developments associating with Yemen's GCC entry in a coming stage,” said the Head of the Gulf Research Center, Abdulaziz Bin Othman Bin Saqr.

The symposium is due to concentrate on analyzing the requirements and mechanisms of Yemen's development qualification, the size of funding needs and the nature of joint economic, political and strategic achievements. Additionally, the symposium is to discuss a future vision for the course of Yemen's partnership with GCC member states.

The symposium is due to review and discuss different work papers on several issues and developments related with qualifying Yemen for GCC accession. It is expected to discuss the experience of the GCC economic complementation and the funding demands to qualify Yemen for GCC admission, as this is due to help achieve mutual interests.