Systems and laws: Gone with the wind? [Archives:2008/1211/Community]

November 27 2008

By: Maged Thabet Al-kholidy
[email protected]

A lot of rumors have been circulated about the breeching of systems and laws in the governmental institutions. It was somehow difficult to believe such rumors about a university. There were also a lot of rumors about Ibb University being dominated by other ways rather than systems and laws. I used to reject such sayings, convincing myself that we must not believe whatever is said by others. Sadly, I was wrong and a tough lesson was to be learnt in my treatment with Ibb University.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has announced that Yemen is a country of institutions aiming to overcome many old systems that have been negatively affecting the process of development. The President has done his duty for which he must receive a lot of thanks. Such great efforts, however, are welcomed with deaf ears in some institutions like Ibb University.

A university like Ibb is expected to be dominated by academic procedures under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education. These procedures are already there in the campus of the university, but other hidden ways play great roles in running many things inside the university.

Three weeks ago, I read an advertisement in one of the official newspapers about academic vacancies in Ibb University. One of the conditions was not clear enough- “the applicant must have very good grade in the first university degree””.

I wondered what they mean by “”the first university degree””. Is it the Master degree