Taiz: A motorbike racing track [Archives:2008/1209/Last Page]

November 20 2008

By: Salah Al-Warafy
For the Yemen Times

Although Taiz is not a big city in comparison to other Yemeni cities, it is the one of the most populated city in the country with a population of approximately three million. Famous for its narrow roads and lanes, the once a tranquil city of Taiz is now overrun by traffic and noise. On its busy roads, rise the hoots of car horns, the voices of vendors, and the din of motorcycles.

All agree that motorcycles make the most noise, yet people increasingly prefer them to other means of public transport to reach their destinations in a short lapse of time, and the number of motorcycles in Taiz has dramatically risen in recent years -much to the disgruntlement of other motorists, pedestrians and residents.

“There are about 5,900 motorcycles officially registered in the Taiz Traffic Department, but over hundreds remain without registration or official plates,” said Qais Al-Eryani