Taiz Animal Farm: A Splendid Tourist Attraction [Archives:1999/02/Last Page]

January 11 1999

One of the most important and eye-catching landmarks of the city of Taiz is the animal farm at Al-Howban. The farm was established in the beginning of 1998 as a first phase of a whole-scale zoo. It has been the result of a concerted effort by both the Taiz City Council and the office of the governor of Taiz, Mr. Ahmed Al-Hajri, who sponsors and promotes the farm. He took the initiative and the result is a success. The farm is now there.
It includes a good number of sea and wild animals like lions, horses, mares, deers, pearers, hyenases, baboons, parrots, goats, gizzals, hyranves, tortoises, birds of different kinds . . . etc. As old as the Yemeni revolution, some of these animals which were kept at Sulah Museum are now in the new farm.
Considered to be the first animal farm in Yemen. This farm of Taiz has multilateral purposes. First, it will help making the city of Taiz a tourist destination. Second, it will be used as a zoological laboratory by the students of Faculty of Science at Taiz University for their studying purposes. The coordination between the college and the farm administrations is underway.
Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Shiekh, Manager of the farm told Yemen Times that the farm is now open to all people to cater the farm with animals from all over the country. He also added that the farm employs some zoologists and specialists in the field. It has also people who look for animals. Mr. Al-Shiekh also noted that due to lack of support, there are no animals from outside the country. However, they will be hopefully, brought in the second phase. The farm needs to be expanded and well-financed.
Hi! Look here!
One of the things that catch people from different places nowadays is a she-goat. Do you know why? There is something eye-catching on its body. The words “Allah” and “Mohammed” written in Arabic script one to be risibly seen on its body.
These hairlines can be easily read. They were first zoomed in by the camera of Forsan Al-Meidan program being broadcasted these days on the Yemen TV. Few days back, the she-goat was brought from al-Demnah in Taiz to the farm. A good number of people visit the farm these days mainly to see this miraculous creature.
By: Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Taiz Office Editor
Yemen Times