Taiz campaign teaches students traffic safety rules [Archives:2007/1025/Local News]

February 15 2007

TAIZ, Feb. 12 ) The Traffic Department of Taiz commenced a three-month campaign in local schools to raise awareness of traffic safety among students. The campaign targets 150,000 students who participated in lectures on traffic safety rules.

The Head of Traffic Department Yahya Zahir told the Yemen Times that the campaign plans to cover about 60 schools, with about five schools a day.

The campaign targets school students because they are more at risk from traffic accidents than adults. Students represent 30 percent of the population of Taiz governorate.

According to Zaher, there were 1429 accidents in 2006, resulting in 281 deaths and 2200 injuries.

The lecturers will also touch on the role of car emissions in polluting the environment, and methods of reducing pollution. The lecturers are given by experienced traffic officers.

Al-Ofoq Association, an NGO, participates in the campaign. The campaign will commence with the beginning of “traffic week” in which the traffic department will launch a campaign of vehicle and license inspection, and traffic awareness.