Taiz celebrates World’s AIDS Day [Archives:2004/796/Community]

December 6 2004

Taiz Bureau
A public ceremony was held in Taiz on occasion of the International Day for combating AIDS last Wednesday by the Health and Population Bureau and the National Program for Combating the AIDS in Taiz Governorate.
The event was held under the motto “Women in Combating the AIDS – for better awareness and equality in precaution, treatment and medicine”.
Deputy Assistant of Taiz Governor Mr. Ali al-Muqdeshy, GM of the Health and Population Bureau Mr. Abdul Nasser el-Kabab, Director of Endowment Abdo Hassan, and Director of the National Program for Combating the AIDS Dr. Saeed Sufyan gave speeches in the event.
The speakers indicated the efforts made in combating the AIDS HIV virus in the country and steps taken to restrict its spread by raising awareness about its dangers.
They also said that plans and methods have been prepared to deal with those affected by AIDS. They also noted the alarming rate of patients falling to this deadly disease.
The event was attended by several medical doctors, hospital cadres, scholars, youths and a group of locals interested in this topic.