Taiz Chamber of Commerce and Industry [Archives:2005/817/Local News]

February 18 2005

Taiz Buerau
The Taiz Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in a meeting that brought together, Arab businessmen and experts, the Prime Minister and key officials in authorities of investment, customs and free zone as well as deputy ministries of commerce and industry. The meeting took place in Aden, the economic and commercial capital of Yemen on Wednesday February 16. The meeting focused on investment opportunities and commercial issues in Yemen.

General Manager of Taiz Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), Mufeed Abdu Saif, explained the factors hindering and detracting investments. He identified some thirty-five anti-investment factors in Yemen.

The TCCI also to took part in the meeting of the Arab experts held in Aden University on Thursday February 17, concerning the Arab Free Zone in which it was introduced elaborately numerating its specialties and advantages as well as procedural aspects of implementing it.