Taiz: City of dreams and tourism [Archives:2005/877/Last Page]

September 15 2005

Yasser Al-Mayasi
Yemen Times Staff
Eshraq Al-Bodigi
For Yemen Times

Situated at the foot of the 3000 m high mountain Djabel Saber, Taiz is one of the largest Yemeni cities, which played important roles in the ancient, Islamic and contemporary history. It is 256 km to the south of Sana'a. Taiz was most important when it was the capital of this great Chat chewing nation.

Taiz is famous for its beautiful mosques from the 13th/14th century, and is characterized by its moderate climate. Therefore it is considered to be a summer and winter resort. And from among its archaeological sites is the four-gate wall, which is crowned by the Al-Kahera Citadel that overlooks the city from a hilltop 180 m high.

Al-Mudhfer mosque and Al-Ashrafia school are two monument sites that are still having their own characteristics and features since they were built. There is also a museum containing various priceless relics, most of which were owned by the Imam. And from among the attractive sights is Mount Saber, which is a real beauty. The visitor there sees some fascinating and marvelous nature. The city is surrounded by numerous parks, the most important of which are: Ossiifera, Dhabab valley.

The most important historical and tourist features in the governorate

Al-Janad Mosque

Souq Al-Janad was one of the Arab seasonal markets before Islam. Nothing has survived out of Al-Janad old city except the mosque, which was built by the revered companion of the Prophet, Mu'adh Bin Jabal, in the 8th year (630. AD) as ordered by prophet Mohammed. Al-Janad Mosque together with the great Mosque in Sana'a are considered to be the oldest Mosques in the Islamic era along with the Mosque of Prophet Mohammed in Holy Medina. Al-Janad plain is 20 km from Taiz city.

Jabal Saber

Among the highest mountains in Yemen with an Altitude of 3070 meters. Many springs and streams run on its sides and the lights of its cliff-hung villages are mistaken for stars. An exciting road leads from Taiz to the top of the mountain. The road is filled with the activity of a living mountain, female vendors of licentious fruits and roses, dressed in their traditional gowns that have no equal, tread the road with their ware in baskets balanced on top of their heads.

Al-Ghareeb Tree (The Stranger's Tree)

It is on the area of Duqm Al-Ghurab (Duba) on the right side of the asphalt road leading to Turbat Dhbhan. It is historically known as “Al-Kolhouma” and is an old Baobab tree. There are many scenic routes in Taiz Governorate like the road Taiz, Dhabab, Al-Nashamah, Al-Shu'bah, Al-Turba, Al-Maqatera, Tour Al-Baha, Lahj, and Aden.


It is at a distance of 94 km from Taiz. It is one of the important harbors in the Red Sea. It played a big, influential role in the political and economical history of Yemen. By its virtue, the world knew the coffee, which had been transported through Makah harbor all over the world. This coffee was known as “Al-Mokha Coffee”.


It is a tiny village where Sheick Bin Alwan tomb exists, and from which it acquires its importance.

Wadi Dhabab

This fertile subtropical oasis is situated between Taiz and Yafruss. Every Sunday the villagers of this region meet here at the market.

Taiz Famous forts

– Youmain Fort: Above Youmain Mountain lying in Azaiez next to Al-Turbah.

– Housn Samdan:

On Al-Raja'ayah area.

– Housn Moneef: Overlooking

Al-Zaraiqah area.