Taiz Education Office forbids additional fees [Archives:2005/835/Local News]

April 21 2005

TAIZ, April 16- Dr. Mahdi Ali Abdussalam, General Manager of the Taiz Education Office, forbade the payment of any additional money to the officially approved examination fees, after he heard one of the locals complaining of the extra fees his children pay.

Dr. Abdussalam ordered so in a meeting held at the education office on Saturday.It also involved the examination committee for the sake of making the necessary arrangements for primary and secondary school examinations for the educational year 2004-2005.

Members at the meeting also discussed the situation of examination centers and reviewed reports prepared by the examination committee after last year's examinations.

The members talked about the very low budget allocated for a great number of examination centers, and demanded the concerned sides to raise the examination budget.

Dr. Abussalam then ordered the committee members to send reports to the ministry of education, so that students will not be compelled to pay any fees other than the officially approved ones.