Taiz Governor meets Yemeni-French Medical Society [Archives:2004/784/Local News]

October 25 2004

Taiz Bureau
Taiz Governor Judge Ahmed Abdullah al-Hijri met the Head of Yemeni-French Medical Society, Dr. IreHe Viallard and other accompanying French doctors, who, years ago, founded cardio, X-ray, and chest disease departments in the Republican General Hospital, Taiz.
During the meeting, the governor expressed his thanks and appreciation for the efforts of Dr. Viallard in strengthening the Yemeni-French friendship and the supports that she renders to the Republican General Teaching Hospital in Taiz.
Meanwhile, she expressed her thanks for positive changes that took place in the equipping of the Republic Teaching Hospital in Taiz, under the supervision of Dr. Abdul Salam al-Dhorasy.
Further, she said she'll support the hospital with qualified technical cadres and help qualify them.
Dr. Viallard has also presented ultrasonic waves system for the X-ray section of the hospital.
Taiz citizens are showing appreciation to the French friends, in particular, to Dr. Viallard for the treatment and diagnosing by X-rays free of charge, and for the humanitarian deeds in fighting chest diseases.