Taiz Group Wedding [Archives:1998/37/Local News]

September 14 1998

The 10th of September in Taiz was joyful, for it was the day of a group weddings ceremony of 2,000 brides and bridegrooms. Supported by the Islah Charitable society, it is considered to be the first such event in Yemen and the Arab world.
Of the YR 20 million cost of the ceremony, the President donated YR 10 million, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussain Al-Ahmar YR 3 million, Hayil Saeed Group of Companies 2 million, Tawfiq Abdulraheem YR 1 million, Al-Shaibany Group YR 500,000, Dubai Company YR 500,000 and Al-Aqil Company YR 100,000. This is in addition to YR 1.3 given by some benefactors.