Taiz hosts fishery union meeting [Archives:2004/770/Local News]

September 6 2004

The founding meeting of the Cooperative Fishery Union was held on Augusts 29th, at the bureau of Taiz Governorate. The meeting aimed to establish a board of fishermen's representatives from coastal areas in Taiz such as Makha, Thubab and Bab Al-Mandab.
The conference was headed by Mohammed Al-Haj, Deputy Governor of Taiz, and Secretary General of the Local Council.
Deliberations took place among officials who indicated the importance of holding the founding meeting, and the service it will provide for many fishermen in fishery societies in the coastal districts of Taiz.
Taiz is a governorate with the largest number of societies and unions.
The meeting was attended by Mohammed Abdul-Salam Al-Dahbali, the director of the Fishery Wealth Office in Taiz, Abdul-Nasser Al-Akmali, the manager of the governor's office, and Ammar Al-Mu'alim, the manager of public relations and information at the government bureau.