Taiz in unprecedented water shortage [Archives:2005/837/Local News]

April 28 2005

Taiz Bureau
The city of Taiz is currently experiencing an unprecedented water shortage, with each family allowed only a share of water once every ten days. However, this period has been extended to a month in order for water to reach houses.

Taiz residents have started to drill wells and call water trucks to meet their daily water needs.

What is of a great concern is that the water that is being brought in by trucks is mostly polluted, said Tawfeeq al-Najashi, an officer at a water truck station.

Asked about the reasons behind the water pollution, al-Najashi replied there are many wells located in unhealthy environments and that the owners of the trucks fill them with dirty water, regardless of the health risks in order to make money.

Al-Najashi mentioned that when he hears about trucks that fill water from unclean wells, he dismisses them from working at the station, although it remains the responsibility of the environment and health authorities to prevent the sale of water from these wells for residential use.

The price of water carried by the trucks has increased to fill the demands of water the intensive qat plantations, and owners of wells have also raised their prices, both of which exacerbates the crisis.