Taiz Journalists Syndicate holds meeting [Archives:2004/780/Local News]

October 11 2004

Taiz Bureau
The Management of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate branch held its first meeting, in Taiz, in the center of Yemeni News Agency Saba', on Saturday 2nd October under the chairmanship of Nageeb al-Jurmoozy, the Head of the Branch. The meeting was held in the presence of Abdo Saif Othman, Fikri Qasem, Obad al-Saqqaf, and Muhammad Abdo Salemin. The meeting checked through the outcome of the election results that expressed satisfaction of the journalists and colleagues in various media and press establishments in the Governorate.
Mr. Najeeb al-Jurmoozy, the Head of the Syndicate branch inaugurated the meeting by a speech expressing his pleasure at the success achieved by the Syndicate conference held on Thursday 30th September under the auspices of the Taiz Governor and Head of Local Council, the Judge Ahmed Abdullah el-Hijri. The same conference was inaugurated by Muhammad Ahmed al-Ansey, the Assistant Deputy to Taiz Governorate. The Head of the branch congratulated his colleagues on their success in the membership of the Management and in holding the trust of their colleagues, the members of the Syndicate. He indicated the necessity of working as one team and proving that they are capable of handling the responsibility and the trust they have been endowed with. He also confirmed that the performance of the branch leadership is subject to the harmony of the whole, and conditional to working with team spirit, indicating that the branch in the past was paralyzed in movement. This status should not continue so; it is therefore necessary to activate all the activities.
Hence, it was agreed to distribute the tasks among the members of the Management in the following manner:
1- Abdo Saif Othman, Deputy
2- Emad Ahmed al-Saqqaf, Fin. & Admin.-in-charge.
3- Fikri Qassem al-Muhayya, Activities and General Rltns.-in-charge.
4- Muhammad Abdo Sufyan, Rights and Freedoms-in-charge.
It was confirmed by the whole that the work shall be jointly among the whole with one team spirit. Then, the following important and necessary requirements of the branch were discussed. The following have been agreed upon:
1- To construct a list of the requirements and appliances for the branch, and the operational budget, and speed up its handing over so as to enable the branch to perform its tasks, and to assign Mr. Abdo Saif and Mr. Emad al-Saqqaf to do the requirements list.
2- To assign Mr. Fikri Qassem to travel to Sana'a to follow up the branch requirements at the Syndicate leadership, and then to calculate the traveling and living allowances from the operational budget which is payable @ Y.R.3000.- / per day.
3- To seek for an appropriate center for the Syndicate. To assign Mr. Muhammad Abdo Sufyan to carry out this task.
4- To hold periodical meetings, once a week, during the remaining period of the current year to organize the branch status. And after that a monthly meeting has to be fixed.
Yemen Times is proud to be represented in the membership of the Management of the Yemenis Journalists Syndicate branch in Taiz Governorate, as Mr. Emad Ahmed al-Saqqaf, the Director of Yemen Times Bureau in Taiz, was elected as a member in the Management and a Financial & Administrative officer-in-charge.