Taiz protests murder [Archives:2004/770/Local News]

September 6 2004

By Ahmed Al-Bukhari
Taiz Bureau

A large crowd marched through the streets of Taiz City in protest against the murder of a civilian by a soldier.
The demonstrators carried banners that condemned the atrocious crime, requesting the president and the Minister of Interior immediately stop the irresponsible activities of the municipality office in Taiz, which sells payment orders to soldiers and bullies, to extort money from citizens. The demonstration which reached the governorate bureau and the security department, also asked for a just punishment for the perpetrator.
The murder took place in Al-Shanini Market, Taiz on Wednesday September 1st when when Munir Al-Burihi, recruiter in the Central Security, opened fire with a pistol at 23-year-old Mazen Othman, a shopkeeper in Al-Shanini market.
The victim was quickly transferred to the hospital but died on the way.
People said the soldier was assigned to do a task somewhere else, but arrived at the market and provoked a quarrel with the man, whom he killed immediately. In his attempt to escape, he wounded another man with a knife, but Taiz security has captured him and now he is awaiting trial.
Shopkeepers in Al-Shanini market had earlier closed their shops to show solidarity with their murdered colleague and in protest at the horrible crime.