Taiz: Taiz University Curriculum Workshop [Archives:1999/16/Governance]

April 19 1999

Organized by Taiz University, a workshop on evaluating and developing curriculums will be held during the period May 18-20. Dr. Ali Al-Mikhlafi told the Yemen Times that Taiz University will invite all Yemeni universities in addition to some other experts from Arab countries to this gathering which will try to address this important academic issue. At another level, the university was visited recently by a team from the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Holland. It discussed with the university administration the possibility of facilitating academic cooperation between the two sides.
As a prelude to the seminar, the Faculty of Education of Taiz University kicked off a 3-day seminar on Tuesday, Aril 13 to discuss their situation. They also discussed means of education and types of curriculums, and how to keep abreast of the modern age of technology and science. Many university professors from Aden and Ibb universities participated. The recommendations of the participants will be a spotlight in the process of promoting and developing the university curriculums.