Taiz, the forgotten city [Archives:2004/801/Sports]

December 23 2004

By Ahmed Zaid
Taiz Bureau

Taiz is the dreaming city and it will be so. It is true that Taiz is the city with larger population and it is the most obedient one. But it has less appearance in the field of sports. Sports are sentenced through marginalizing its clubs. This case is due to the presence of a kind of administrative staff that doesn't like this city to rise and shine in the sky of sports.
Tae Kwan Do is a sort of sport and an art of self-defense in a sportsmanly manner. Is it true that the policy of marginalizing is taking place intentionally by the Tae Kwan Do Union?
I read an article in Al-Jumhuriah Daily by Nashwan Dahan suggesting the dismissal of all youth of the city and involving them in the teams of the other cities as what happened in the latest championship of Tae Kwan Do in Sana'a.
Is it not unfair to organize a competition among all Yemeni cities' teams and then one city with a prominent name, but with lower voice excluded? This city has an office of youth and sports with a manager; this city also has a branch for Tae Kwan Do Union.
Whether Taiz was forgotten nationlly or intentionally to be involved in the Tae Kwan Do Union, we hope this city not to be forgotten any further.