Taiz to be developed [Archives:2002/43/Business & Economy]

October 21 2002

The planning bureau of Taiz has drawn up new plans for development, public services and tourist projects.
The governorate of Taiz is a significance governorate in Yemen. It has three million people, an industrial base, spacious and arable lands, and it enjoys a tourist environment of historical fortresses and archaeological landmarks.
It overlooks one of the most important straits in the region, the Strait of Bab El Mandab.
It is qualified to be a huge commercial and industrial centre due to concentration of businesses. It is a link to domestic markets and centers of exports, and to foreign markets via the port of Mokha, known as the port of coffee, which is situated close to the provincial capital of the governorate of Taiz.
The new investment schemes include introducing solutions for finishing the incomplete projects under contribution by the private sector and external aid.
The bureau also seeks more coordination with the local council and executive apparatuses for understanding the role of planning.
Among the work of the bureau is to survey all the districts of the governorate, to be acquainted with existing projects and institutions and to know about citizens’ needs of various projects. The bureau estimates more than 800 projects were executed in the governorate from 1997 to May 2002.
The new investment law approved by president Ali Abdullah Saleh in July of this year has granted local, Arab and foreign investors better privileges. It is expected to bring a strong push to the investment movement in Yemen.
Taiz governorate is among those attracting capitals, especially of the expatriates. There is a big group of expatriates who are from inhabitants of Taiz and they can invest their money in the governorate at whatever areas of investment are available.